Holden Commodore (1988-1991) VN 3.8L V6 Clutch Kit PHC (Torque:OEM Nm)

Clutch Kit V388N

Holden Commodore (1988-1991) VN 3.8L V6 Clutch Kit PHC (Torque:OEM Nm)




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Product Description:

Clutch Direct are proud to offer PHC clutch upgrades for your 4x4. Increase the torque handling capability of your Clutch Direct upgraded 4x4. Perfect for tuned and enhanced 4x4's, or even those who just want to push the limits off-road.

Product Specification:

  • Clutch Plate Dimensions: 255 x 10T x 29.0
  • Dual Mass Flywheel: Not Included
  • Solid Flywheel: Not Included
  • Concentric Slave Cylinder: Not Included
  • Torque Capacity:
  • Flywheel Spec: Flat
  • Spigot: RSB514
  • Alignment: CAT186
  • Length: 33.5
  • Width: 33
  • Height: 11

More Information

This kit includes : Cover assembly, Clutch plate, Release bearing

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