Mantic Clutches Buying Guide

Mantic Clutch has more than six decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing aftermarket clutches. Mantic clutches are the result of the company’s commitment to innovation, research and development.

The company uses patented groove technology and top-class friction material to deliver the best performance clutches today. Mantic Clutch manufactures their products in Melbourne, Australia and follows strict quality control standards.

Mantic Clutches Stage Series

Although stock clutches are sufficient for daily driving, they are not designed to handle the increased torque of performance enhanced vehicles. Clutch Direct offers the Mantic Clutches Stage Series. The single-disc line uses the company’s proprietary pressure plate that increases the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate. This enables you to gain more torque capacity and reduce slipping at higher torques.

Stage 1 – ER2 Organic

  • Made for street performance vehicles
  • It uses spherical graphite, which has three times greater yield strength than standard clutches
  • Proprietary groove design on friction face to send more torque than standard clutches
  • Higher clamp loads, better heat displacement, and larger Mean Effective Radius
  • Both sides of the plate have organic facing material with a high coefficient of friction
  • It is a particularly driver-friendly choice.

Stage 2 – ER2 Dual Friction OC

  • Made for street performance vehicles
  • It uses cerametallic friction material on one side and organic friction material on the other surface for higher torque capacity
  • Higher torque capacity compared to Stage 1 kit and has better handling than Stage 3 kit.
  • Uses spheroidal graphite with proprietary technology for maximum torque capacity and strength.

Stage 3 – Sprung Centre Cushioned Cerametallic

  • Designed for street performance and track purposes
  • Higher torque than Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits, but still suitable for daily use
  • Spheroidal graphite burst-proof pressure plates
  • Sprung centre, cushioned cerametallic clutch disc.

Stage 4 – Sprung Centre Undampened Cerametallic

  • Designed for non-street purposes
  • Higher torque capacity than Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 kits
  • Spheroidal graphite burst-proof pressure plates
  • Sprung centre, non-cushioned full cerametallic clutch disc
  • Less drivable than Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 kits, but can handle high torque.

Stage 5 – Rigid Centre Undampened Cerametallic

  • Designed for track purposes
  • The most aggressive clutch kit of the series
  • High torque capacity
  • Burst-proof pressure plates made of spheroidal graphite iron
  • Undampened cerametallic clutch disc with a rigid centre for optimal torque capacity prevents slipping.

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